Welcome to the OneCard ID card

The Emily Carr OneCard is your new Emily Carr University ID card that will provide access to library resources, A/V equipment checkout, and campus facilities as determined by your program or user level, including classrooms, shops, studios, and any other areas and resources that are assigned for your specific requirements. Follow the links for instructions on how to upload your photo and order your card.

STEP 1: Take your photo

Take Your Photo

Upload Your Photo

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Please note that the Emily Carr OneCard is the University’s official identification and your photo must meet the following guidelines:

  • A current, colour, jpeg
  • Centered on a plain light background
  • Head and shoulders only
  • Eyes open and visible
  • No hats or head covering unless used for religious purposes
  • No filters or digitally enhanced images
  • Minimum width and height of 425 x 425 pixels

We reserve the right to refuse any photo deemed inappropriate. If you have any questions

Please contact the appropriate office:

Credit Students: onecard@ecuad.ca
Continuing Studies Students: csonecard@ecuad.ca
Staff/Faculty: fclerk@ecuad.ca